People ask all the time how to choose a local horse trainer or the best horsemanship clinician. There are many excellent trainers nationally and locally. Before you choose a trainer, ask yourself these questions; 1. Does the trainer get the results you are expecting, 2. Does the trainer get those results using a method that you feel is good for you and your horse, 3. Is the trainer compatible with you on a personal level! If the answer is yes to these questions... use that trainer! .....Bolo Hunt

Bolo Hunt

Horsemanship clinician

Bolo Hunt has been involved in horsemanship for many years. Much time was spent at his uncle’s ranch in South Carolina where, as a youth, Bolo developed a lot of respect and passion while learning to ride and care for the horses.

For well over ten years now, Bolo has focused on the training aspects of horsemanship/training. While training hundreds upon hundreds of horses, Bolo took advantage of every opportunity to learn from world class clinicians locally and across the country from, spending time at Clinton Andersons ranch in Texas to clinics by Buck Brannaman.

Bolo has won numerous awards in Reining and Dressage. More recently, Bolo enjoys the sport of Mounted Shooting and is the 2015 National Points Champion in the mounted shooting rifle class.

The message is this... " Horses are amazing animals to allow humans to do the things we ask of them. A well behaved horse stands a much better chance of finding and keeping a good home. As humans, we stand a much better chance of enjoying and staying safe on a well trained horse."

..... Bolo


As with most all trainers, I developed my own style and methods however, these methods are heavily influenced by Buck Brannaman and Clinton Anderson. I have had the privilege of spending some quality time with Buck, Clinton and many other great clinicians/trainers learning and absorbing as much knowledge as possible!

Buck Brannaman


Clinton Anderson


Every horse owner wants a well behaved, safe horse they can ride...and maybe a little more. There are three ways to get a horse that someone else has someone to train your horse....or train the horse yourself! Real Time Horsemanship clinicians can certainly help you with your horse, but our goal is to help YOU learn how to properly communicate with your horse so hopefully you will enjoy a long lasting relationship between you and your partner!

Every journey begins with one step......