As far as training goes, the sooner you get busy working with your foal the better!

Working with Foals

A question that is often asked is…when can training begin with foals? The answer is, the sooner the better! As with most equine subjects, this area is subject to varying opinions. There is a well-known involvement with foals called imprinting. If you have the time, it is well worth spending as much time early with a foal as possible. This will improve the bond you have with your foal. A word of caution, a one-day old foal can put you in the hospital, so treat this young horse with respect at all times!

As far as training goes, the sooner you get busy working with your foal the better! Be sure to have an experienced person handle the mare while initially starting with the foal. Once the mare trusts you, she will allow you more and more latitude with her baby.

All the same training philosophy is valid with a foal or a horse at any age for that matter. The thing you must consider is to temper the activity based on the horses’ age, fitness etc. In this case, obviously, you cannot train with the same intensity as a five-year-old. The corrections must be much softer and the training periods should be very short. Things like desensitizing to water and spray bottles, flexing and pressure and release with a halter can be done with little exertion on the foal. Going for a nice walk around the ranch allowing the foal to experience new things is always good.

So when it comes to begin training with your new foal, get started early. Don’t be afraid to seek out professional or more experienced assistance with a young horse as this is a very important and impressionable time in their life, make sure it is a good impression!