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Our mission is to create the best possible relationship between you and your horse!

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Yes, training horses is my passion, but cowboy mounted shooting is my fun sport!!!


Mounted Shooting Training!

Mounted Shooting is 20% rider (being able to hit your target) and 80% horsemanship! Real Time Horsemanship is partnered with Southeastern Mounted Shooters Association (SEMSA) to provide Mounted Shooting training and instruction!

For more information on RTH Mounted Shooting training, go to:

Obstacle Training


Obstacle training is and excellent way to improve focus! Bolo and a few friends from the Southeastern Mounted Shooters Association joined up and participated in an obstacle challenge! More Information!

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Real Time Horsemanship had the honor of making another appearance at Nelson Elementary school in Durant FL at the Great American Teach-in 2017! What a great bunch kids!

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Butter Cup





The Dream Horsemanship Training Sessions

The Dream Sessions

Follow "Dream"! Dream is a 3 year old Thoroughbred that sustained a serious injury and was at risk to be put down. The Free Spirit Equestrian Center in Plant City FL Raised the funds for a very expensive surgery which was successful! After her medical rehab, Dream is now ready for training!


Foal Training

Foal training can be critical. We will follow a foal named "Reggie" through his training

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Real Time Horsemanship with Bolo Hunt

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